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BYOD iPad Program

We are excited to announce that 2019 will be the first year of the Burnside State School BYO iPad Program. The iPad program will be an excellent opportunity to enhance student outcomes in learning, engagement and productivity. We also believe it will develop the partnership between home, school and the community.
The Burnside State School BYO iPad Program aims to:
  • Strengthens links between home and school, giving parents the opportunity to see, every day, what their child is learning at school and have relevant, timely, accurate and quality conversations around student learning and progress;
  • Enables personalisation of student learning through access to rich learning resources;
  • Best facilitates the development of knowledge and skills necessary for the 21st century workforce, including digital-age literacy, innovative and creative thinking, collaboration, effective communication and high productivity;
  • Allows continuous access to educational materials allowing learning efficiency to happen anywhere, anytime;
  • Provides an engaging, interactive environment for learning;
  • Allows students the opportunity to display prior knowledge of topics and thus be co-constructors of their own learning journey.
Advantages of using the iPad that will enable students to:
ü  Access knowledge and information through the vast range of content and creation apps  (many of which are free) to support student learning;
ü  Access a wealth of information on the Internet when they need it through wireless connectivity.
ü  Access rich media including digital stories, image and video;
ü  Increase productivity through quick loading of apps and quick response of the iPad and an operating system that is very reliable, ensuring maximum up-time;
ü  Utilise simple yet sophisticated text, audio and video-based communication facilities for collaboration with peers, teachers and experts in a local, national or global context;
ü  Personalise learning and provide work targeted at their correct level;
ü  Be highly engaged in their learning, both independently and collaboratively.
ü  Easily transport it to and from school and within the classroom