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Principal's welcome

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Burnside State School believes in recognising the strengths that each child brings to our school and developing the potential of each individual child. We aim to promote and develop that capacity within an environment of care and support and through a range of opportunities within the broad education program.
My staff and I are committed to the vision of the Department of Education.
 ‘Queensland’s future is its people. Every day the Department of Education is
supporting Queenslanders to engage with our changing world.  We are
connecting with families to give all children a great start to their learning journey.
Setting children up for learning through strong foundations in the early years
has long lasting effects. Our priority is to make sure all children have the
opportunity to benefit from quality early years services and successfully
transition to school.
Every day in our schools we are inspiring and challenging students to be
engaged and active participants in their learning. A focus on each student,
their unique needs and talents, is at the heart of our approach to support all
students to grow in their learning every year. The rapid pace of change in our
world is generating new social, personal and learning demands. We are
             responding to this change by creating inclusive school communities that
             nurture wellbeing and build the skills students need for their future.’
             Department of Education | Strategic Plan 2018–2022
We are proud to be part of a strong public education system, which believes the purpose of education is to meet the different needs of students for high levels of educational attainment.
It is through this vision that we ensure we are an inclusive school that incorporates a range of core business areas into the lives of our children, families, staff and our community.
Our core business at Burnside State School is:
Quality Leadership, Teaching and Learning - The quality of the leadership and the quality of the teaching makes a big difference in successful outcomes at school.  Great teaching means extending the skills and knowledge of every student in every class, regardless of their starting point.  This is our moral obligation to every child.
Inclusive Schooling – All students who enroll at our school come with individual strengths and needs.  Our school is well known for our capacity to value diversity and create an inclusive environment that meets the needs of those in our care.
Off to a Great Start - We acknowledge the importance of the early years for developing strong literacy and numeracy skills for all children.  We work closely with parents to ensure a smooth transition to school and provide timely support and enrichment based on individual student needs. 
Consolidating the Basics - Students consolidate the basics of literacy and numeracy within their first years of schooling.  Our school offers a broad range of support and extension programs to assist all students to continue to develop and extend their skills within and beyond English and Mathematics.
Teaching towards the future - We are focused on preparing our children for their future, and ensuring that we are preparing our students as 21st Century learners.  We have a very strong focus on Digital Technology to assist our students to explore a range of innovative concepts and ideas through our STEM initiatives (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics).  We also ensure that our students can shine within our Arts and Sports arenas.
Preparing for the next phase of LearningWe are fortunate to have Burnside State High School straight across the road, to work closely with, to prepare our students for the transition to secondary education.  Our Year 6 students work on a specialised learning program to support subject transitions and work regularly at the high school across the year.
Parents as Partners - Burnside State School parents have always been vital to the success of our school.  They are a vital part of their child’s education and are great advocates of a range of initiatives across the school.   
Wellbeing – Student, staff and community wellbeing are a crucial element within our learning environments at Burnside.  We participate in a range of community events to support wellbeing but also spend time building strategies to help support positive wellbeing and behaviour.
School Wide Positive BehaviourAt Burnside we teach our students the behavior that is expected within the school and in our community.  We focus on Safety, Learning and Respect, and all children participate in learning activities to support our focus areas.  We as a school choose to acknowledge all the children in our school who make positive choices, with positive rewards and personal praise.
At Burnside State School we take pride in our students, staff and community.
We are a school that values all, and we look forward to working alongside you, our parents, to prepare our children for the challenges of the future.  
Monique Pfingst